Elizabeth Busey Printmaking Collage

From a distance, monoprint collages by Elizabeth Busey can look like quilts or mosaics. Colorful elements are carefully cut and placed into matrices reminiscent of mathematical or scientific principles. When considered up-close, vintage maps, personal cyanotypes and colorful monotypes keep the viewer’s eye moving from element to element. Drawing from travel, topography and plant forms, her monoprint collages evoke feelings of memory, longing and connection.

Elizabeth Busey’s reduction linocuts are influenced by her location in the Ohio River Watershed of the American Midwest, as well as her travels around the world. Inspiration can come from an airplane window or a forest hike. Busey uses the labor-intensive, non-digital technique of reduction printmaking to coax colorful, rhythmic representations of patterns in nature from a single block of linoleum.


Whether you need a place to focus and create, or relax and restore, art can help create this atmosphere. Elizabeth Busey’s monoprint collages and reduction linocuts have abstracted patterns that feel both energizing and familiar.