What do you take to a workshop?

I’m about to depart for another workshop at Penland School of Craft. I went to a monoprinting workshop last summer with Andy Rubin, and it was transformative. This year’s workshop is with April Flanders entitled Singular Prints and Alternative Presentations.

The workshop promises to work with monotypes and screen printing, plus explore unusual ways of presenting the work — installations, sculptural prints and shadow boxes. Plus new techniques (to me) including paper cutting and sewing. With such an open-ended agenda, I’m tempted to bring everything from my studio — just in case. Restraint has prevailed, so here is what I’m taking to the workshop.

Tools to move ink around. The studio does have brayers and ink knives, but sometimes it is great to have several to yourself!
A new sketchbook is ready to capture my ideas. New pens await inspiration.
I’m bringing 12 x 12in and 18 x 24in polycarbonate plates, plus a mylar registration jig and mylar cutouts.
Cutting tools! Safety tip — always use a metal ruler when using an Exacto knife.
TAPE! (of course)
Stuff to add embellishment.
MAPS! (You never know…)
Things to control my mess. Penland is very careful with disposing of solvent soaked rags, and wants to reduce other waste. So the towels are for hand-drying.

I’m also bringing lots of paper: Rives BFK, Stonehenge, Masa and Thai Unryu. Plus my pack of large tracing paper.

Now to pack lots of clothes, a rain coat and a clear mind….

Back next month!

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