Bright, colorful art brings energy and positivity to any space

Color can make an entire space. Warmer, brighter colors can create an atmosphere of energy and positivity. Here’s what my friend Mary said about how my reduction linocut has transformed her eat-in kitchen.

I loved Ambrosia from the moment I saw it in Elizabeth’s studio. From near and far, the intricate organic patterns are arresting, and imagining them emerging from drawing to block to inked print is deeply satisfying to me. Elizabeth conspired with my husband to surprise me with my heart’s desire on my birthday. Rain or shine, it’s a bright citrusy splash of sunshine in my kitchen, and while I don’t believe art has to match your decor, I did choose my paint color to set it off.

Ambrosia, a large reduction linocut, brightens my friend Mary’s cheerful eat-in kitchen.

More artwork to bring warmth to your winter spaces

Here are a few of my monoprint collages and reduction linocuts that would be perfect to brighten an office, kitchen, or wherever you need a bit of energy and warmth. Challenge yourself to incorporate just a bit of new color into your color scheme. I never thought of myself as an orange person, but now I need a little orange in almost everything I create.

Made Manifest. Monoprint collage. 18 x 18in, $475 ($635 framed.)

Sometimes in collage, less is more…

Walking the Freedom Highway. Reduction linocut, 10 x 33in, edition of 10, $375 ($550 framed.)

The title of this linocut was inspired by a familiar Woody Guthrie song.

Vertical monoprint collage reflections skyscraper building sunrise plants cyanotype vintage maps Elizabeth Busey 24 x 18 inch
Resilience at Daybreak. Monoprint collage with cyanotypes and vintage maps, 24 x 18in, $600 ($770 framed.)

A common weed takes center stage. Read  more here.

Highways of Life. Reduction linocut, 17 x 12in, edition of 24, $375 ($525 framed.)

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