Voronoi, Senate Hearings and Tiny Tape

I think I have finally taught my desktop the word “Voronoi.” If you are blog follower, you know that I have an ongoing obsession with this mathematical construction. Voronoi diagrams are used throughout mathematics, the sciences, architecture, and even art. While it is hard to capture in a sentence, let’s say that Voronoi diagrams describe relationships of things to each other.

rolling ink and new plate
Getting inky with my favorite colors and my newly created plate.

In the above image is a 12-inch square polycarbonate plate. On the plate, I used 1/16-inch chart tape to create a Voronoi diagram matrix. You can read more about how to create your own matrix here. I first drew the matrix on paper, and then placed the clear plate on top of the paper as a guide and applied the tape to the plate.

Creating can keep you centered in turbulent times

Before I was an artist, I studied political science as an undergraduate and in graduate school. I still have an interest in the significant political events of the day, and sometimes like to listen to them as they unfold. I actually listened to the initial Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh while I drew my matrix and then taped my plate.

I know that some of you are screaming — are you crazy? How can you do something artistic while listening to something so stressful. The answer is that I find some creating very meditative and grounding. I have a watercolor color study that I created during the election night of Bush v. Gore, where at 2am EST the newscasters decided they were not going to be able to declare a winner that evening. Or for the next few weeks.

I have a left-over linocut collage that I created as I watched the 2016 presidential returns. You can see my technique in this post. As I positioned each square of discarded linocut, I reminded myself that there would always be small moments where we can embrace peace, serenity and possibly rational order. Just keep putting the pieces together…

Pulling a print off a polycarbonate plate.
That aha! moment when you see how your ideas are translated into paper and ink.

The print is just the beginning…

A few days later, I inked the polycarbonate plate and began my exploration of Voronoi diagrams on paper. In subsequent blogs, I will introduce you to the different collages that resulted from this beginning.

What do you do to keep yourself centered when you feel at loose ends? We often have little control over anything except our own thoughts and our own hands. Creation can help…

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