The Delight of Learning Something New

Here are some snapshots of some of the new things I learned during my workshop at Penland School of Craft this summer. The class was filled with ideas of how you could push printmaking beyond the traditional. Rather than creating one finished idea, I spend much of my time trying things that were novel to me, and following ideas down rabbit holes…

Learning to cut rubylith film to make stencils. The red part blocks UV light and doesn’t allow the emulsion on the screen to harden. You wash this part out, and then ink is printed through the screen.

I spent a good portion of time learning about screen printing. My last experience with screen printing was during my studies at IU, where we were limited to using drawing fluid and screen filler (think liquid clay here) to create imagery. Now I had access to an exposure unit, so I could create patterns using an opaquing pen, rubylith film or just plain thick paper stencils.

A screen I created. The large leaves were cut out thick paper, and the honeycomb was created with a red opaquing pen.

I also printed on everything except my studio mates. I am fascinated with translucent materials, so I worked on frosted mylar, as well as thin mulberry. I’m still working out the kinks of printing litho ink on the mylar, but screen printing works like a champ.

Oil-based monoprint on frosted mylar, topped with a silkscreen pattern.

Now the question is how do I use this new-found knowledge? For now, my creations reside in a comfy box in my studio, quietly waiting for the next idea to germinate…

A snapshot of my tables. You can see layers of things I have printed…

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