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On the Benefits of Limits

May is the beginning of crazy season for me, both personally and artistically. I’m immersed in carving a new round 28″ diameter linocut, with a plan to have two more done by the end of the month.

I was asked by a friend to write something to be sent out to the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington, and when I wrote this it was on the eve of graduation at Indiana University. So while I’m carving and printing…I give you my thoughts on Art & Limits.  (more…)


It begins at the salvage yard

Our family motto is “How hard can it be?” With this perspective we have embarked on many adventures: from renting an auger and cleaning out our own sewer (you shouldn’t) to learning to survive a dangerous hike in the Italian Alps (sing show tunes loudly to combat fear.)

Four and a half years ago, “How hard can it be?” got me my first press. As I’ve detailed in a past post, my husband built it for me out of recycled steel. Friday I received an e-mail that I am a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant from the state of Indiana. In the grant I described how I wanted to expand my press to accommodate larger work. I have one year to use the funds, so we began immediately.

When does art begin at the salvage yard?



Staring down the barrel of a grant panel

I recently applied for an Individual Artist Program grant from the state of Indiana. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen (anonymously) to my grant being reviewed by a panel of four artists.

This particular grant is for a maximum of $2000, and is for some use that would directly advance the career of the artist. The grant must have some sort of public benefit as well. Many types of artists apply — from novices to academic professionals. As I listened to the comments on about 25 applications, a few points kept coming up:

Be sure you understand the intent of the grant. In this case, grants that made a strong case for how the artists’ career would be affected received favorable comments. Does your proposal sound like you are shoe-horning your desire for a vacation into the grant format? (more…)