Many things on the horizon

Elizabeth Busey.  Tranquil Terraces Dawning.
Linoleum Reduction Print, 10 x 33in, 2013.

For a person who loves landscapes, I struggle with the convention of having a proper horizon. I am enchanted by the Asian art esthetic which allows us to fully experience the spiritual aspects of landscape. So when I was faced with one oddly shaped piece of linoleum (and a delay in receiving new linoleum,) I decided to create an homage to the terraced rice paddies.

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A tale of travels, tents and travails

I have not been blogging for the past month because I embarked on the adventure of outdoor art shows. This year I applied to many shows and I’m trying them out to see just where my art is best received.

I attended the Broad Ripple Art Fair at the Indianapolis Art Center, Summerfair in Cincinnati, and the Art Fair on the Square in my hometown of Bloomington, IN. I spent lots of time talking with people, and found a home for some of my work. What I found most interesting was people’s lack of knowledge about printmaking. Either people had done some printmaking, and knew exactly what it was, or they had no idea, and thought my work was painted, airbrushed or computer generated.

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