A great and terrible beauty

I love topography.  I spend more time than I’d like to admit on Google Earth, gazing down at the patterns of the earth.  Many of these patterns are created by water, and so all of my topography prints have some reference to water.

I also live in the Midwest — specifically the Ohio River valley.  We have had record rain this year, but each spring brings back the reminder that we live in a watershed.  It has been heartbreaking to listen to the news coverage of the river flooding that is occurring along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.  Rivers are a vital part of our landscape, providing transportation, fertile fields and recreation.  We are not, however, the master of water.  The levees and flood walls we build don’t just make the water go away, they push the water somewhere else.  To someone else.

Elizabeth Busey, Remembering and Forgetting.   Linoleum Reduction Print, 2010.

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