Voronoi, Senate Hearings and Tiny Tape

I think I have finally taught my desktop the word “Voronoi.” If you are blog follower, you know that I have an ongoing obsession with this mathematical construction. Voronoi diagrams are used throughout mathematics, the sciences, architecture, and even art. While it is hard to capture in a sentence, let’s say that Voronoi diagrams describe relationships of things to each other.

rolling ink and new plate
Getting inky with my favorite colors and my newly created plate.

In the above image is a 12-inch square polycarbonate plate. On the plate, I used 1/16-inch chart tape to create a Voronoi diagram matrix. You can read more about how to create your own matrix here. I first drew the matrix on paper, and then placed the clear plate on top of the paper as a guide and applied the tape to the plate. Continue reading “Voronoi, Senate Hearings and Tiny Tape”


Not just an aspiring artist, but an artist

In a previous blog, I wrote about the pleasure I had of talking with a group of young women about my art, and about being an artist who is a woman.  When asked for some advice, one of the things I mentioned was that they should practice saying into a mirror “I am an artist” or “I am a writer” — and leaving out those qualifiers like aspiring.  It is hard for most creative women I know to do this.  Why? Continue reading “Not just an aspiring artist, but an artist”