A good visit from Murphy

June is completion month. Unless you are a follower (groupie, admirer, afficianado) of Alyson Stanfield at ArtBizCoach.com, you might not know that. Alyson blends her fun, encouraging personality with a wealth of information about how to accomplish the marketing and business side of making art. So when she told me I should complete something that has been languishing, I listened.

Now I must warn you, this completed project is not sexy, unless you are into framing. As an artist who works on paper, I also have to frame my work. At this point in my art career it simply doesn’t make financial sense to have someone else do the framing. Plus doing it myself gives me a bit more control over everything, including last minute requests. The problem is that framing really needs some space…

My onyx 90 Mat Cutter System makes all the detailed cutting of framing easier.
My Onyx90 Mat Cutting system was shoe-horned in a tiny room with a queen sized bed.

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