Wonderfully Made at the Waldron

This December I have had the privilege of exhibiting my work at the IVY Tech John Waldron Arts Center’s main gallery in Bloomington, Indiana.  I displayed my work according to the organizing principle of pattern.  One area was for spirals, another for branching, and another for cells.  Everyone has their own reasoning about why the natural world develops with such beauty, complexity and interrelatedness.  No matter whether the explanation is spiritual or scientific – either way, the world is “wonderfully made”.

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An exhibit that only goes up

August is a very hot month in the Midwest, and in past years has been very dry.  This year is no exception. My exhibit at the City Hall Atrium in Bloomington, Indiana, is designed to quench the viewer’s thirst.  Entitled “Force of Nature…Wellspring of Life,” the show has fourteen of my prints that have something to do with water.  Some celebrate the beautiful calming aspects of water, while others consider its carving, sculpting force.   Still others show how our agricultural practices are shaped by water’s availability or scarcity.  My latest print, Day’s End on the Ontario Shield, highlights the intricate patterns created by the freezing and thawing of glacial waters over the millenium.

Elizabeth Busey, Day’s End on the Ontario Shield, Linoleum Reduction Print, 2011.

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