With gratitude

It is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and a perfect opportunity for me to say thanks…


Thanks to…

• the people who collect my work
• readers of my blog, whether you comment or not!
• admirers whose compliments can be the best encouragement
• other artists who inspire and challenge me
• business professionals who instruct me
• other printmakers who so readily share information
• art supply businesses who send me my materials ASAP
• galleries and museums who work to feature local and regional artists
• my family and friends who love and support me, even on the tough days

Who are you thankful for? Go tell them now..

Digital Handmade opened my eyes

I am in the throws of building enormous frames for my latest large linocuts Breath of Hermes and Summertide Brings the Derecho. I’m also planning for two new linocuts and they are in the messy stages as I try to push my linocuts to incorporate new techniques.

Digital Handmade sparks my creativity

My planning has been enriched by the discovery of Digital Handmade: Craftsmanship and the New Industrial Revolution by Lucy Johnston (2015). This beautifully photographed book highlights artists and designers who are using digital processes to push traditional media in new and challenging ways.

digital handmade
Johnston, Lucy. (2015) Digital Handmade:Craftsmanship in the New Industrial Revolution. New York: Thames & Hudson.

I was drawn to this title on my library’s new book shelf because of the ongoing dialogue in my head regarding use of new technologies versus the traditional printmaking value of the hand. As printmaker, I chafe at the use of the term gicleé prints to describe a photographic copy. But I fear this prejudice holds me back from creating new, more challenging work as I triumphantly tell people that everything I create is “by hand.” I had an aha! moment when I read the following quote from product designer Tord Boontji who fabricates intricate garlands cut from paper-thin sheets of silver, copper and brass: Continue reading “Digital Handmade opened my eyes”