Searching for rhythm and energy

One thing I love about creating monoprint collages is how open-ended the process can be. I print the polycarbonate matrix in particular colors and wait for inspiration to come. A large plate (24 x 36in) was covered in tiny tape (1/16 inch chart tape) and printed with bright citrine green and teal blues. All I could think of was rhythm and energy. After several weeks, Inception emerged. (Be sure to click on the image and scroll down for a close-up. This collage is large!)

large monoprint collage with curves, in bright green and blue
©Elizabeth Busey. Inception. Monoprint collage, 24 x 36 in.

I know that true monoprints have no reproducible components, but I just love a good matrix. I use an enlarged drawing under the plate to guide my tape application.

A drawing under the polycarbonate plate guides the placement of chart tape.
A drawing under the polycarbonate plate guides the placement of chart tape.

This thinner chart tape makes creating curves even easier than 1/4 inch masking tape. You do need to tear the tape every so often, but not for every segment. It is exciting to see the matrix emerge…

Tiny tape allows for the creation of curves.
Chart tape (1/16 inch) allow for the creation of curves.

The color of the base monoprint, along with the monoprints and maps I choose determine the direction of the collage. Below you can see a close-up of a section, created with brightly colored papers. See how these papers were created in this post.

Detail of monoprint collage shows small collage pieces.
Detail Inception.

Maps and designs that hint at geology make up the collage, making me think of global views and the energy required to create our universe.

If the colors and paper are different, could this matrix say something different? That is just what I am exploring today in my studio.


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    1. I love that there is a word for people who crave pasting tiny pieces of paper — collagists! Never fear going big. Slow and steady will win every time.
      Thanks for reading,

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