Patterns ground me

Patterns ground me. I’ve tried to make work that had nothing to do with patterns, and it didn’t feel like me. In the midst of midterm election shenanigans in the U.S., working with the Voronoi diagrams has provided me with times of peaceful creation and discovery.

A change in color hints at leaves

Geometric collage leaf structure
©Elizabeth Busey. Multiplicative. Monoprint collage (unique) 12 x 12in.

When testing some Stonehenge paper for a new larger work, I used up some greens and teals with my Voronoi diagram plate. Suddenly, instead of galaxies, I saw leaves. We know that leaf cells develop in this type of structure, as do bubbles. You can see a fun video of this phenomenon here.

Lots of white leads to an aerial view

Collage with geometric map sections
©Elizabeth Busey. Geometric Elysium. Monoprint collage (unique), 12 x 12in.

In another test, I used lots of white to create the underlying monoprint. As I began to explore the image, I thought of how fields can appear through thick clouds if you see them from an airplane. So I chose colorful maps, along with solvent-splattered pattern papers to create a view of the land through clouds and water droplets.

That’s all the exploring I’ll do with the Voronoi diagram for the moment. Next time, something much larger.

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