On a new roll

Sometimes nothing helps an artistic funk like a piece of new equipment. Thanks to a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, I was able to purchase a new oversized roller from Takach Press. It has a diameter of 4″ and is 14.75″ long. It is fabulous.

My new roller from Takach Press. Heavenly.

Until now, I have had smaller brayers – one-handled rubber cylinders that rotate around a metal spindle. One of the problems with the smaller diameter brayers is that you get line marks on the block when the roller has made one revolution. On my large blocks, this was definitely a problem.

Now rolling on the ink is more even and aerobic.

So when the new roller arrived, I just had to give it a try. I had a block that I had been working on, but had put away because I wasn’t sure where the print was going. I was so excited to use the new roller, that I decided to just carve, and not worry about the finished print. The roller creates such a velvety surface on the block and makes the printing process so much faster and more fun. The only challenge to learning to use my new tool is that you have to hold it loosely and allow the handles to roll in your hands.  You get a good upper body workout balanced over both arms. Such a good day in the studio.

New 36″ rollers for my expanded press.

The other rollers in my life are also progressing. We finally finished attaching the pipes to interior circles and the all-important steel rods. With a little soldering, we have two very heavy barbells. They are now being professionally finished on a large lathe and will be ready this week. I will be madly trying to finish the block featured above so we can dismantle my current press and begin the new construction. So very exciting…

Glad to be back on a printing roll.

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  1. Nothing compares to the satisfaction that comes from using a quality tool, regardless of what that tool is. This looks like one hell of a brayer Elizabeth!

    Happy inking…


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