Inspiration Everywhere

I haven’t posted new prints for a while, because I have been working on four at once.  I am scheduled to have a show in the main gallery of the IVY Tech John Waldron Arts Center in December.  After a recent visit I realized that there is a great deal of wall space!  The more layers of ink that I use on each print, the longer that print takes to dry.  So I’m alternating between four.

While this is very productive, I’m not finding this process has the same level of experimentation that I enjoy.  So I’ve been looking for other areas of inspiration — and I’ve found them.

My first comes from my teenage daughter Hannah.  On a recent hike in Yellowwood State Forest, she used a small camera to capture the spectacular fall foliage — using a technique she called “kinetic photography.”  The resulting work is really fascinating:

Hannah Busey, Untitled.  Digital photograph, 2011.  Used with permission from the artist.

Another find was a PBS Independent Lens documentary about origami entitled Between the Folds.  This film tells the story of ten people for whom origami is a passion.  This isn’t the origami of your childhood.  Rather we see paper artists who fold, shape and stretch paper in to fantastic creatures and organic forms.  My favorite part chronicles scientists who use paper folding to illuminate mathematical and scientific principles.  Their creations have a beauty all their own.  It makes me think about how my printmaking might become three-dimensional.

Finally, I recently visited the Indianapolis Art Museum’s gift shop.  I came across a small catalogue of the work of Mia Pearlman.  Ms. Pearlman works with common-place materials such as paper, India ink, clips and tacks to create breathtaking three-dimensional installations dealing with weather and water.  She will have a show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in November of 2012.  Be sure to see it if you are in the Indy area.

My mind is already swirling with new ideas.  What inspires you?


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