Hanging System for your home … an indulgence?

We’ve been redecorating at my house this summer. Redecorating is not for the faint of heart. You change one thing, then another. Suddenly you are down the rabbit hole of what we call “home change” — and there is no end in sight. But there is one thing people can do relatively quickly, without new paint or subway tile… and that is rearrange your artwork.

At this point people (gasp!) People seem to assume that art placement in their house is something sacred, that can never be changed unless they move. I think this is a recipe for personal stagnation. But I am sympathetic to these feelings, in that I have a dear spouse who is convinced that everything I hang on our drywall walls requires a screw and an expansion bolt. I stand before you today and say – that is simply not true. You either need some different nails (more about that later) or better yet, your own hanging system.

living room artwork hanging system
My living room with its new hanging system. Everything is hung appropriately, with no unsightly holes.

My birthday present from 2016 was a hanging system for several walls on our main level. It took until the summer for repainting to be completed, and then I ordered my system from Systematic Art. Some details:

•  Four white metal channels are now installed on three different walls, just below the ceiling.
•  I chose stainless steel cables, because I have had experience with the clear nylon cables getting nicked and worn.
•  Self gripping hooks with safety guards were my choice for hangers.
•  I made sure to order enough cables and hooks so that the work could be hung from the D-rings on the back of my frames. This helps to hold the work close to the wall, and resist shifting when someone slams the mudroom door.

A hanging system requires no hammer and no math. Just your keen eye, an assistant and maybe a level.

artwork hanging system
I love being able to change the artwork above my drawing table.

Now it is easy to change the decor of the majority of our living space without nail holes and pesky measuring. A delight!

Admittedly this system wasn’t inexpensive, costing about $250. But since I was hanging heavy work framed in glass, I was willing to invest a bit more in something that will probably be installed long after we no longer live here.

What can you do if you can’t make this investment? Get some OOK nails from the hardware store. These nail and hook sets are easy to use, and twist out when you want to remove them. They leave a small hole that will need to be filled, but don’t require removal with the claw of a hammer which then further damages your walls. I used them to hang my gallery show in April, and they were flawless. Be sure to use two for very long horizontals so your frame doesn’t shift constantly.

So please, do your home a favor and mix up the artwork. It is much cheaper than moving.

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