A printmaker on the Artsy Shark stage

©Elizabeth Busey. Ambrosia. Reduction linocut. 28 x 28in, Ed. of 13, $725 unframed.

I had a delightful moment this Wednesday when I opened my email and discovered I was going to be the featured artist on Artsy Shark.
[You can see my Artsy Shark feature here.]
I completed a submission to be featured, and was accepted, but thought I might be the star in the summer. It was a great way to start the day.

Artsy Shark is a bi-weekly e-publication that features artists who have been selected for the page. I find that Carolyn Edlund, the creator of Artsy Shark, has a knack for finding a wide variety of artists and media to feature. I always learn something. The images are high quality and the text is informative, engaging, and often inspiring.

In addition to artists, Artsy Shark features business articles that are appropriate and useful for artists. Carolyn also provides website reviews and business consulting, drawing upon her long experience both as a studio artist and businessperson.

When I haven’t been publicizing my feature, I’ve been in the very preliminary stages of planning my next linocut. Spring is my absolute favorite time of year in the Midwest, so inspiration is everywhere. More art soon!