Art Transforms a Home Office

How can art help create an office?  Like many people, my daughter has found herself working out of a room that was never intended to be an office.  I recently asked her to describe the effect some new artwork had on her workspace. Here is what she wrote:

“I hung this piece earlier this summer after I had been working from home for several months. While I am so thankful to be gainfully employed during a global pandemic, transitioning to working full time at home and converting my small DC bedroom into my office was incredibly hard on my mental health. I missed my morning office routine, greeting my colleagues, and feeling productive and centered as I set down my coffee and sat down to work. To make matters worse, I didn’t know when it will be safe for me to travel to see my parents again, making the feelings of isolation even more noticeable…

After the Torrent graces my daughter Hannah’s bedroom office.

That’s why when my mom sent me a photo of “After the Torrent” I knew it would be perfect for my bedroom-turned-office space. “After the Torrent” feels to me like the cool misty moment after a thunderstorm passes in the city. In the minutes after intense chaos and change, the sun has just begun to peak around the moving clouds, reflecting off water-speckled windows. With the smell of ozone still heavy in the air, a feeling of hopeful tranquility returns and with it a chance to regroup and rebuild. In many ways, this is how I feel about my current reality. This year is not what I envisioned in so many ways, and working from home would not have been my choice. However, with this piece of artwork, I am curating a workspace that brings with it those feelings of calm serenity, productivity, and the constant reminder that I will see my family someday soon. I am reminded that this storm too shall pass and we will all be able to rebuild as the storm clouds clear.”

Artwork with patterns can be calming, yet hopeful. Whether you prefer warmer or cooler colors, selecting artwork that is somewhat abstracted, but also recognizable can keep you mind fresh and your mood uplifted. Here are a few more of my works that are perfect for a home office.


Vertical monoprint collage reflections skyscraper building blues greens soothing cyanotype vintage maps Elizabeth Busey 24 x 18 inch
Longing for Pilgrimage. Monoprint collage with cyanotypes and vintage maps, 24 x 18, $600 ($770 framed.)
Fibonacci pattern monoprint collage with cyanotypes and vintage maps of England by Elizabeth Busey. 18 x 18 inch. Prussian blues oranges nature patterns
Lucent. Monoprint Collage. 18 x 18in. $475 ($635 framed)

See all of my travel-inspired Fibonacci collages in this post.

Planetree of St. Stephan
Planetree of St. Stephan. Reduction linocut, 28 x 28in, edition of 13, $725 ($1,100 framed.)

Particular artwork inspired this piece.

Treasure of Great Price. Reduction linocut, 12 x 12in, edition of 12, $300 ($450 framed.)

What is underneath this linocut?

Righteousness as a Mighty Stream
Righteousness as a Mighty Stream. Reduction linocut, 25 x 40in, edition of 15, $800 ($1,200 framed.)

Inspired by some famous words from Dr. MLK.

Interested in a collage or linocut?

Make your home office space come alive with focus and hope. You are worth it. I’m able to frame and ship works with block sizes up to 18in x 24in. Or I can safely ship work unframed to you.. 

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