Another delta linocut joins the family

My latest linocut commission has been safely delivered, so I can now reveal Flowing Freely — Goose River.

linocut of Canadian river delta
©Elizabeth Busey, Flowing Freely — Goose River. Reduction linocut on Rives BFK, 14 x 22in (image size) ed. of 7, $375.

Sometimes realism is what is needed

My topographical work is often a blend of locations and shapes, but occasionally I highlight actual places in a more realistic way. Flowing Freely shows a snapshot of an ever-changing river delta in the Goose River, Labrador, Canada. The soft peach and blue parts of the form are the shifting sandy soils of the delta that are sweeping from side to side. The green parts are what geologists consider the older parts of the delta, now deceased.

The last layer of the stable (deceased) delta required some curvy textural marks. I call them my groovy marks.

Compare geological change on Google Earth

To see for yourself how the delta is changing, search for Happy Valley — Goose River, NL, Canada in Google Earth. Follow the river to its end and you will see the delta. While the stable green forms look the same, the branching, active delta looks somewhat different. A much larger channel has been carved down the middle. What caused this change?

Geologists study exactly this question — what causes changes in delta movement and lifespan? Thankfully, geologists also seem to like linocuts. This linocut was commissioned by student, who received her doctorate at Indiana University in Bloomington, as a gift for her advisor. This delta was his first field study as a new professor, and her first as a graduate student.

The giving of deltas continues

Her advisor had commissioned a linocut of a pivotal river delta in his career to honor his advisor. This river delta — also in Canada — highlights the movement of the Mossy River.

Renaissance at Mossy River
©Elizabeth Busey. Renaissance at Mossy River. Reduction linocut on Rives BFK. 14 x 22 in (image size), ed. of 9, $375.

It has been delightful to be a small participant in this celebration of deltas, advisors, students and knowledge. Want to have a delta or two for yourself? You don’t have to go study them in the wilds of Canada. Just send me a note on the contact page. I’ve have a few more to spare.

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