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One of my goals in expanding my etching press is that I want to be able to create larger images. Right now the widest print I can manage is about 20 inches high. My reasons for the need for size are two-fold. Because my work centers around patterns, the more room the pattern has to repeat, the more effective the print.

Elizabeth Busey, Vernal Paradox. Linoleum Reduction Print, 14 x 28in, 2012.

But I also want to create larger art for larger walls — specifically walls that might be in hospitals, medical centers and places of healing. Being sick is such a tremendously stressful event in a person’s life, and researchers have found that a stimulating, nurturing aesthetic environment can be helpful in the healing process.

I recently had a show in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Health System in their Gifts of Art program. I had the pleasure of having my art reviewed by Angela Son of Art Animal. Read the entire article here:

I am off to the metal shop to work on the second roller. My goal is to have the press finished by New Year’s Day – and plan a press party for the New Year.

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  1. Great article Elizabeth! I love seeing your work-the intricacies of it are fascinating and beautifully executed. How large will you be able to print with your new press? -Kolene

  2. Hi Kolene,

    The rollers will be 36in, but probably the largest I will get will be 31 – 32. I need room for the jig – I use the pin tab system usually used for silkscreens. And there is the real problem of handling paper that large on my own. I don't have a studio manager to help me!

    What are you working on lately>

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