A study in blues

What do you think of when you see the color blue? To me, it is the color of beginnings — of water and sky. Deep and moody, filled with possibility. My latest monoprint collage is a meditation on blue.

©Elizabeth Busey. Emanation. Monoprint collage, 18 x 18in.

Water figures prominently is creation stories worldwide. At a time when I find myself impatient for progress and peace, both personally and globally, immersing myself in blues has been a calming practice.

Detail of Emanation.

Differing hues of blue play well together. We need justice, understanding and harmony everywhere. The summer in my small midwestern town has been punctuated with political turmoil at even our farmer’s market. At my work table, I focused on how my monoprints, cyanotypes and maps all played well together, with a tiny amount of fresh green at the center.

Is something new emanating? I hope so.

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