A square began it all

When I haven’t been working on my water linocut and waiting for the ink to dry, I have been diverted by a small linocut I am preparing for the Center for Contemporary Printmaking’s 5th Biennial Footprint International Competition. Printmakers are charged with creating a work that is 12 inches square. Here is my creation, based on clouds that I captured during an early morning drive along a road that is on a ridge, yielding spectacular panoramas.

©Elizabeth Busey. Crescendo. Reduction Linocut. 12 x 12in, edition of 8, SOLD OUT.

The challenge of the contest is how you create a composition using a square. Before the advent of Instagram, the square seemed to be unpopular, except with the painter Mondrian. Photographers (amateur and professional) seem to be most interested in exploiting the square format. They give advice such as:

  • Fill the frame
  • Be careful about using the rule of thirds
  • Exploit symmetry
  • Use diagonals

I have a special fondness for squares. They show off my circular forms to great advantage. The first real reduction linocut I ever attempted was a four color reduction of the Grand Canyon. Little did I know that my first experiment would lead to many years of reduction linocuts, and many square compositions.

©Elizabeth Busey Grand Canyon Grand River
@ Elizabeth Busey. Grand Canyon, Grand River. Reduction Linocut, edition of 5, 12 x 12in.

3 Replies to “A square began it all”

  1. It’s me again, apparently I can’t read-of course you’re entering the CCP square show. I will be entering it too. Please discard my first comment. Your web site looks great!

    1. Theresa, I need your advice…I went to enter the CCP square show, and read that the entry fee is $50…and if it sells they take 50%…and I’m responsible for all shipping…Frankly the dollar amount is not working for me here.

      I have entered things there before and always got the feeling that I was not “contemporary” enough for them. Do you think it is still worth entering?

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